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Demers Type 1

Built for extreme conditions.

MXP 150

To make an ambulance that can take on extreme conditions, you have to be extremely demanding when you build it. Demers Type 1 MXP ambulances are handling extreme conditions, from desert heat to icy mountain roads to the urban jungles of North America. Configured for a 4x4 or 4x2 truck chassis, the MXP 150 is our first to combine a rugged exterior with top-of-the-line design details, like greater insulation and isolation from the harsh elements. And detail by detail, Demers has been raising the bar, in an industry where every detail matters.

MXP 170

The design philosophy was no different when it came to building our newest model, the MXP 170. With the most available payload in its class, this Type 1 ambulance gives you more versatility and more interior room to respond to any type of call. Engineered for 4x4 truck chassis with longer cab to axle dimensions and ALS needs, the MXP 170 combines a rugged exterior with top-of-the-line design details, like our dual HVAC ducted Diffusion System, all LED dome lighting and our thermoformed and seamless seating. The MXP 170 comes with many different exclusive standard features, such as LED-lighted cabinets, adjustable ALS cabinets, a sliding hidden walk-through door and much more. Combine all these elements with our commitment to safety; our price to value is unmatched.


Demers Type II

The EX Sprinter stands alone.

Demers’ Type II ambulances are built for the long run. Because all our designs are tested to the highest industry standards, you can be sure your EMS Specialists can care for their patients in the most ergonomic and safest Type II ambulance on the market. You’ll also be driving more dollars to your bottom line because Demers’ Type II ambulances lead their category for total cost of ownership and best resale value. Superb overall design and construction and innovative standard features that offer comfort, safety and savings: What’s not to like?

The EX Sprinter stands alone in the Type II category, thanks to its unique aerodynamic front cab riser, engineered to match the Mercedes Sprinter design. It features Demers’ unmatched ergonomic safety features, plus details that have set new standards in an industry where each detail matters.


Demers Type III

Demers workhorse and overall best value.

MX 164

The MX 164 ambulance is Demers’ workhorse and overall best value Type III ambulance. With hundreds of units in service around the world, this design offers best in class safety and ergonomics, reduced maintenance and multiple choices of optional layout features. Offering our industry-leading mobility track seat as an option, it is truly one of a kind.

MX 170

The MX 170 is our state of the art, full size Type III ambulance, offering a roomy interior for extensive medical equipment and an optimal ergonomic work environment for EMS specialists. Tested to global standards, this ambulance is built with unique features such as full length, all-aluminum extruded door construction for maximum storage access without compromising structural integrity. Equipped with our Industry-leading mobility track seat, the MX 170 is the leader in its category.


The Demers Difference

For 50 years running, we’ve been driven by the philosophy that every single detail counts towards making a superior vehicle. Our continual engineering enhancements, improvements and innovations make Demers’ ambulances some of the safest on the road. Building on detail after detail, our ambulances have also achieved the best dollar-for-dollar value: ingenious design, ergonomics and our award-winning ECOSmart system contribute to the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Demers’ details make outstanding ambulances that consistently exceed expectations. Ambulances engineered to keep your people safe—so they can keep on saving lives.