Indoor Sirens & Notification Solutions

Critical Communication Solutions - SmartMsg

Federal Signal offers two distinct critical communication systems including interoperable communications and notification messaging solutions. The interoperable communications system provides first responders and public safety officials with the ability for mission-critical communications, including radio interoperability. The notification messaging solution enables an operator to initiate alerts and notifications to personal devices such as radios, cell phones, pagers, land-line phones and personal computers. When these systems are deployed concurrently they provide public safety offi cials with a comprehensive critical communication solution. First responders can connect with the right information and collaborate in real time, while alerting key personnel, citizens, students and the general public via mass notification messaging.

Interoperable Communications
  • Software-based communication interoperability
  • Traditional radio interoperability
  • Bridges disparate devices; handheld radios to cell phones, PC’s, etc.
  • Four port radio interoperability unit (RIU)
  • Ideal for 911 centers and deployable mobile units

Indoor Notification Solutions - Tone-Alert Radio

Federal Signal’s indoor notification solutions provide real-time information to building occupants and personnel during emergency situations. The UltraVoice Indoor Controller (UVIC) is a pre-integrated autonomous control unit (ACU) that offers a local-user interface and the ability to be a part of a networked system that connects multiple indoor facilities back to a central control point. The UVIC drives indoor speakers and strobes to provide visual and audible alerts. With the integration of message boards, emergency instructions can be quickly communicated. With the use of our UltraVoice Audio Relay Module (UVARM) the UVIC controller can interface to existing public address systems and fire panels. The Informer™ Tone Alert Radio generates alarm sounds that can be followed by a clear voice message.

  • Four separate alarm sounds
  • Clear voice messaging
  • Output relays can control auxiliary equipment such as overhead doors, lighting systems and gas line shut offs