Outdoor Sirens

Federal Signal’s SureWarn™ Acoustic Modeling software is an industry leading product designed to provide customers with accurate predictions of sound propagation over distance.
SureWarn™ utilizes Tiger® Line files for street and landmark locations, and National Elevation Data (NED) from the USGS for topographical information. In addition, the software considers Atmospheric and Meteorological conditions including Wind, Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Sunlight and Ground factors. Calculations are based on ANSI S1.26-1995, and ISO9613-2.
In order to increase the accuracy of coverage, SureWarn™ also allows for the addition of Custom Area Features to indicate Dense Foliage, Buildings, Residential Areas, and Industrial Areas. Once an Area has been created, SureWarn’s calculation engine will apply the requisite dB loss based on the ISO9613 Standard.
SureWarn™ allows for a wide range of output views of the coverage, including contour type lines representing the perimeter of various Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) in decibels (e.g. 70dB), shaded overlay of the street data to highlight SPL, and satellite views. SureWarn™ is aptly named, as it seeks to provide Emergency Managers with assurance regarding their warning system coverage.

Outdoor Notification Solutions

Electro-Mechanical Sirens Federal Signal’s electro-mechanical sirens are the highest quality and most reliable outdoor warning sirens. The 2001-130, Eclipse8, EclipseNH and Model 2 sirens are readily deployed in municipalities, county and rural areas to provide outdoor public warning in the event of tornadoes, severe weather, hurricanes, fi res and other emergency events. Federal Signal’s series of electro-mechanical sirens cover a wide range of sound output from 102dBC to 130dBC with distinct steady, wail and fast wail tones. The siren controllers are UL Listed, aluminum NEMA4X cabinets offer one-way activation or two-way status monitoring. The controllers support a wide range of communication methods such as landline, conventional RF, trunked RF, IP (wireless broadband, Ethernet, fi ber optic) and satellite.
2001-130 Electro-Mechanical Siren High Hz Tones
  • Sound output range: 130dBC @ 100ft/30m
  • Rotating, uni-directional siren
  • AC or DC operations or AC operation with DC back-up
  • Three distinct alerting tones
508 Siren Electro-Mechanical Siren Low Hz Tones
  • Sound output range: 128dBC @ 100ft/30.5m
  • Uni-directional rotating siren
  • Three distinct warning signals
  • Full battery operation or battery back-up


Eclipse 8 Electro-Mechanical Siren
  • Sound output range: 115dBC @ 100ft/30m
  • 360° omni-directional siren
  • AC or DC operations or AC operation with DC back-up
  • Three distinct alerting tones
Model 2 Electro-Mechanical Siren
  • Sound output range: 102dBC @ 100ft/30m
  • 360° omni-directional siren
  • AC operation, 120 or 240 VAC AC operation only, no DC back-up
  • Three distinct alerting tones
Federal Controller
  • Radio receiver/decoder/timer with relay outputs
  • Includes (4) individually
    programmable output relays
  • Decoding capabilities: digital FSK,
  • DTMF, 2-tone sequential, EAS,
  • Ideal for local and one-way control
    of 2001-130, Eclipse, Model 2
    sirens and fi rehouse alerting
Modulator Speaker Array
  • 360° omni-directional speaker array
  • Hyperbolic horn design provides superior voice clarity and intelligibility
  • Sound output ranges from 106dBC-125dBC @ 100ft/30m
  • Redundant speaker driver design
  • Driver access panels for easy maintenance
Directional Speaker Array (DSA)
  • System design fl exibility— 90°, 180° and 360° coverage
  • Sound output ranges from 111dBC-121dBC @ 100ft/30m
  • Installation fl exibility with building and pole mounting options
UltraVoice Controller
  • UL and CE listed controller
  • Standard aluminum NEMA4X rated
  • Modular component design for redundancy
  • “Hot-swappable” control card and amplifi ers
  • Class D pulse width modulated amplifi ers provide high clarity and intelligible voice reproduction