In-House - Equipment

EDraulic Rescue Tool Services

Danko offers certified repair/service on your Hurst eDRAULIC tools and is authorized to process warranty claims for your system.

Danko offers preventive maintenance agreements on Hurst eDRAULIC power tools which complies with the maintenance/service/warranty requirements set down by Hurst.

Hydraulic Rescue Tool Services

Danko also offers preventive maintenance service on low or high pressure Hurst “Jaws of Life” hydraulic tools includes repair and/or replacement as needed at the time of scheduled service of the following parts and labor:

• Inspect Recoil Starter Assembly
• Inspect Ignition Components
• Inspect Carburetor Assembly
• Inspect Shut Off Switch
• Replace Fuel Filter
• Inspect Air Filter
• Inspect Muffler
• Pump Pressure Adjustments
• Adjust Carburetor
• Replace Hydraulic Fluid
• Replace 4 Cycle Oil
• Replace Spark Plug
• Check Tips
• Check Hoses
• Check Blades
• Check Directional
• Visual Check for Leaks
• Check Accessory Cycle Time
• Provide a Signed Statement of all Services Completed along with Recommendations or Needed Repairs in Addition to Agreement

Our Staff Of Factory Trained Service Personnel Are Available To Expertly Care For Your Hurst Rescue Tools

Fire Hose Recoupling

Damaged a coupling? Burnt a hole in your hose? No Problem! Danko offers complete fire hose recoupling services.

• Recoupling of Existing Hose Utilizing Your Couplings
• Removing Existing Couplings and Cutting Off Damaged Portion of Hose
• Replacing Defective Couplings and/or Hose Gaskets
• Providing Custom Lengths of Fire Hose to Meet Your Specific Needs

Danko Has Teamed Up With FireCatt to Offer Precision Fire Hose Service Testing at Your Location!