Mobile Services - (Apparatus)

Apparatus Chassis Maintenance

It is important for every department to have a good preventive maintenance and service program in place. Maintenance plans help to prevent breakdowns during emergency call situations, prolong the life of the vehicle, and avoid more expensive repair costs in the future. It is also a major safety issue.

Danko offers preventive maintenance for Apparatus chassis which include:

• Complete Chassis Inspection
• Change Engine Oil & Filter(s)
• Lubricate Chassis & Suspension
• Adjust Coolant Fluid levels
• Check Power Steering Fluid level
• Check Transmission Fluid Level
• Drain & Refill Air Brake Tanks
• Provide Repair & Improvement Recommendations

Apparatus Pump Maintenance

It is not always convenient to place your apparatus out of service for an extended time frame for routine maintenance. Our mobile service truck makes house calls to perform preventive maintenance and repairs at your station.

Danko offers preventive maintenance for Apparatus pumps which include:

• Change Oil On Pump Gear/Chain Case
• Grease Pump
• Operate Pump & Check Valves
• Adjust Pump Packing if Needed
• Ladder Hardware Test
• Check Primer
• Check Transfer Valve On 2-Stage Pumps
• Operate & Check Pressure Relief Valve
• Check Function Of Discharge & Intake Gauges
• Check Emergency Lighting
• Check all Suction Strainers

Mobile Pump Testing

Danko Emergency Equipment offers fire pump testing using our “Draftmaster” pump testing trailer. Pump testing can now be done at your fire station.

Fire pumps on apparatus shall be service tested in accordance with the applicable requirements of NFPA 1911. This standard covers the service testing of re pump systems on automotive re apparatus and establishes the site, environmental and equipment requirements for proper pump system performance testing, as well as the frequency and procedures to be followed in performing tests. This standard applies to the conduct of in-service tests of fire pump systems on fire apparatus to ensure that the pump continues to be capable of the performance for which it is designed. Maximum ISO ratings are dependent upon pump performance test.