Mobile Services - (Equipment)

Breathing Air Compressor Service

Danko Emergency Equipment offers on-site preventive maintenance and repairs on just about all brands of breathing air compressors. Our technicians are trained professionals. If you have an existing problem or just need maintenance we can help.

We offer very affordable pricing along with the highest standard in compressor parts!

All our air testing is done by an independent, third party analytical testing laboratory specializing in compressed breathing air/gas testing and certification.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Service

Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is the lifeline of the firefighter. It permits you to enter a dangerous environment without fear of breathing contaminated air.

The question is “How Safe Is The SCBA You Are Wearing?” Does it provide positive pressure to prevent bad air from entering the mask? Is the liter ow adequate or correct? Is there any rust or corrosion in the regulator?

When Was My SCBA Last Serviced?

Danko Emergency Equipment is a factory authorized warranty center for Avon-ISI, Sperian and Survivair SCBA.

EDraulic Rescue Tool Services

Danko offers certified repair/service on your Hurst eDRAULIC tools and is authorized to process warranty claims for your system.

Danko offers preventive maintenance agreements on Hurst eDRAULIC power tools which complies with the maintenance/service/warranty requirements set down by Hurst.

Hydraulic Rescue Tool Services

Danko also offers preventive maintenance service on low or high pressure Hurst “Jaws of Life” hydraulic tools includes repair and/or replacement as needed at the time of scheduled service of the following parts and labor:

• Inspect Recoil Starter Assembly
• Inspect Ignition Components
• Inspect Carburetor Assembly
• Inspect Shut Off Switch
• Replace Fuel Filter
• Inspect Air Filter
• Inspect Muffler
• Pump Pressure Adjustments
• Adjust Carburetor
• Replace Hydraulic Fluid
• Replace 4 Cycle Oil
• Replace Spark Plug
• Check Tips
• Check Hoses
• Check Blades
• Check Directional
• Visual Check for Leaks
• Check accessory cycle time
• Provide a Signed Statement of all Services Completed along with
  Recommendations or any Needed Repairs in Addition to Agreement Items.

Our Staff Of Factory Trained Service Personnel Are Available To Expertly Care For Your Hurst Rescue Tools

Ground Ladder Testing

Our ladder testing equipment and procedures are certified to meet the current NFPA-1932 requirements for Annual Ladder Testing. This testing includes:

• Visual Inspection
• Horizontal Bending Test Equipment
• Verification of Heat Sensors Expiration Dates
• Documentation Provided with Each Test
• Ladder Hardware Test