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Demers Type 1 Ambulances

Built For Extreme Conditions

MXP 150 Ambulance

Demers MXP 150 Ambulance is equipped with features, all with you, and your patients, in mind. Built to handle a wide range of conditions and environments, the MXP 150 combines a rugged exterior with top-of-the-line design details, like superior insulation and isolation from the harsh elements. From its features to its functionality, Demers MXP 150 Ambulance is ready to elevate your patient care experience

  • Spacious Front Cabin With Pass-Through Window
  • Spacious Compartment (ALS) on Front Wall With Adjustable Shelves & Lockable Drawer
  • More Standard Features Than Comparable Type I Ambulances
  • (Optional) Aerodynamic Roof Design With Incorporated Full LED Warning Lights For Increased Intersection Visibility

MXP 170 Ambulance

Beyond taking on extreme conditions, Demers MXP 170 Ambulance blends versatility with a spacious interior full of exclusive design features. The MXP 170 comes with many different standard design features, such as LED-lighted cabinets, adjustable ALS cabinets, a sliding hidden walk-through door and much more

  • Most Available Payload in its Class
  • Expanded ALS Cabinet With Ample Storage
  • Dual HVAC Ducted System
  • Thermoformed & Seamless Seating
  • Numerous Customizable Interior Layouts






Demers Type II Ambulances

The Ford Transit & EX Sprinter Ambulances Stands Alone

Demers Ford Transit Ambulance

Selected as a Hot Product by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, Demers Ford Transit Ambulance was developed to fit an industry need. Inside, the vehicle offers a comfortable interior and good space for storage and medical equipment. Offering the right combination of size, space and power, Demers Ford Transit vehicle has a long list of standard features that sets it apart from the crowd.

  • Aerodynamic Roof to Maximize Lighting, Save Fuel & Reduce Noise (Integrated in Roof-Cap)
  • Ducted Give-Vent Ceiling HVAC System For improved Heating & Cooling
  • Maximized Cargo Capacity
  • EcoBoost® V6 Engine Delivers a Good Combination of Fuel-Economy & power

Demers EX Sprinter Ambulance

With distinctive details including a unique aerodynamic front cab riser and rear spoiler perfectly engineered to match the Mercedes Sprinter design, Demers EX Sprinter ambulance offers eye-catching style.

  • Over 2,000 lbs. For Medical Equipment
  • Exclusive Heads-Up Console For Increased Safety
  • 75” Interior Headroom
  • Swivel Seat Curbside Design (Optional Configuration)


Call Today For Complete Vehicle Information Including Specifications, Drawings & Standard Options.


Demers Type III Ambulances

Demers Workhorse & Overall Best Value

Demers MX 151 Ambulance

Also referred to as our “door forward” design, Demers MX 151 Ambulance features a curbside forward entry door design with the ALS equipment moved closer to the paramedics, keeping everything within arm’s reach and enhancing patient care. Offering more standard features than other vehicles in its class, Demers MX 151 Ambulance is an affordably priced option.

  • Door Forward Design
  • Affordably Priced & Loaded With Features
  • Shorter Wheelbase For Urban Response & Maneuverability

Demers MX 170 Ambulance

Demers MX 170 is a full-size Type III ambulance, offering a roomy interior for extensive medical equipment and an optimal ergonomic work environment for EMS specialists. Tested to the harshest global standards, this ambulance is built with unique features including full length, all-aluminum extruded door construction for maximum storage access without compromising structural integrity. Equipped with Demers mobility track seat, the MX 170 is truly a category leader.

  • Loaded With Standard Features
  • Expanded ALS Cabinet With Ample Storage
  • Cab Extensions For Crew Comfort


The Demers Difference

For 50 years running, we’ve been driven by the philosophy that every single detail counts towards making a superior vehicle. Our continual engineering enhancements, improvements and innovations make Demers’ ambulances some of the safest on the road. Building on detail after detail, our ambulances have also achieved the best dollar-for-dollar value: ingenious design, ergonomics and our award-winning ECOSmart system contribute to the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Demers’ details make outstanding ambulances that consistently exceed expectations. Ambulances engineered to keep your people safe—so they can keep on saving lives.


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