Medwerks specializes in Ambulance remounting and modification. All of our remount work is completed by highly skilled professionals with experience ranging from 15-23 years. Rest assured, your finished vehicle will pass all inspections. All QVM, FMVSS and NFPA guidelines and regulations are followed. Superior workmanship, reliability, and dependability are the qualities you can expect from a Medwerks remount.

The Medwerks Remount Advantage

A Medwerks Remount has clear financial, and performance advantages. Let us walk you through the process, and show you how we can save you money, and add value by extending the useful life of your original purchase.

Cost Savings

Our customers average a 30-50% savings on any full size ambulance remount in comparison to buying a brand new emergency vehicle.

Time Savings

Typical lead times are between 90 - 120 days from receipt of ambulance to be remounted or the new chassis, whichever is the latter. We do stock some chassis which can make for shorter lead times

Custom Options

We have the capabilities to convert ambulances from Type III to Type I and remount onto any brand chassis. Whether you need aftermarket suspension systems for specific chassis applications, full interior modifications, or a complete refurbishing of your current module, we have you covered.

Custom options include:

  • Chassis: Chassis options from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, International, Freightliner, and Kenworth, all types
  • Box Repair: Repair and refurbishing of old ambulance module
  • Electrical: Electrical components and upgraded hardwired electrical systems with printed circuit boards or Multiplex
  • Hardware: Door handles, latches, grab handles, electric steps, seat cushions, trim and accessories
  • Flooring: Non-skid floor coverings from Lonseal and subfloor repair or complete overhaul
  • Suspension Enhancements: Suspension components from Liquid Spring
  • Cab Components: Aluminum frame console, custom switch panels, sirens, GPS, Radio, and backup cameras
  • Paint and Graphics: Complete module paint, custom lettering, and chevrons
  • Medical Equipment: Oxygen systems, suction systems, med refrigeration units, secure med lockers, power cots, power cot loading devices
  • Interior Exterior Lights: Interior and exterior lighting from Whelen, TecNiq and various other lighting products
  • Climate ontrol: HVAC climate control systems, AC, heat, hoses, fittings and optional external condensers.
  • Safety: Squad bench safety nets, harness seating, seat monitoring devices, interior module camera’s, collision mitigation camera's